IT Consultant

Inspire Networks helps businesses to achieve their objectives using theright technologies and resources. We leverage the expertise and past experience in technology consulting, product development, solutions integration, offshore development services and business process management to design, develop and implement end-to- end technology solutions.

Our in-depth technical knowledge coupled with Industry experience and the unique methodology enables us to successfully deliver. Our commitment towards excellence and meritocracy reflects in the solutions we deliver.

We work as an IT consultant in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. Consultants work to improve the structure and efficiency of an organisations IT systems.

We give provide strategic guidance to organisations with regard to technology, IT infrastructures and the enablement of major business processes through enhancements to IT.

Our Work Activities Involves:

Meeting with clients to determine requirements,

Working with clients to define the scope of a project,

Planning timescales and the resources needed,

Clarifying a clients system specifications with their work practices and the nature of their business,

Travelling to customer sites,

Liaising with staff at all levels of a client organisation,

Defining software, hardware and network requirements,

Analysing IT requirements within companies and giving independent advice on the use of IT,

Developing agreed solutions and implementing new systems,

Presenting solutions in written or oral reports,

Helping clients with change-management activities,

Purchasing systems where appropriate,
Designing, testing, installing and monitoring new systems,

Preparing documentation and presenting progress reports to customers,

Organising training for users and other consultants.