Structured Networking is the division of Inspire Networks that handles all types of cabling needs. From basic phone and data wiring to cable TV, whole house audio, hometheater installations, plasma TV installations... we carry out both Indoor & outdoor cable layout. The list goes on and on. We can pull any type of cable into any kind of wall. We always give free estimates on cabling jobs,
Services we offer:
1. Complete solution for Indoor cabling
2. Complete solution for Outdoor cabling.


End-To- End Solutions
Inspire Networks has created complete, end-to- end solutions for outdoor and metro infrastructures. This ensures that service operators, municipalities and enterprises are able to deploy their wireless networks quickly and effectively. Inspire Networks solutions revolutionize the market by providing superior connectivity,greater coverage in a cost effective package.

Greater total value
Inspire Networks solutions are comprised of best-of- breed components including Inspire Networks base stations, CPEs, backhaul and billing & provisioning systems. We, at Inspire Networks, have spent significant time and effort,selecting the best component and optimizing the solution for each specific application.

Short time to market
Inspire Networks solutions have been tested and certified by our engineering team to ensure:
Interoperability between the solution components
Optimization for various application in both urban and rural settings
Resolution of any issues that arise prior to customer deployment
The process ensures that you will be able to deploy your network quickly and effectively. Furthermore, you will get the ideal solution for your specific needs

Single point of contact
With Inspire Networks end-to- end solution you have a single point of contact. We will take complete responsibility for the rapid deployment of your state-of- the-art wireless broadband solution.

Base Stations
Inspire Networks is a family of a carrier class, broadband wireless beam forming base stations that provide superior coverage and greater capacity.

CPEs and Wi-Fi clients
Inspire Networks base stations are interoperable with any 802.11x standard CPE. Inspire Networks has certified specific CPE models in order to optimally meet the requirements of different applications:
Mobile Wi-Fi clients such as those embedded in laptos and smart phones
Outdoor CPEs used bt high-end and business users,which require high throughput and a coverage area of several kilometers.These CPEs usually require professional outdoor installation
Indoor CPEs with targeted for business and residential indoor applications.These “plug and play” CPEs are easy to install by non-technical users.

Inspire Networkset – NMS
Inspire Networks’s network management system is a comprehensive, carrier-grade tool enabling operators to effectively control and monitor their Wi-Fi network. Inspire Networks provides support for various network operation aspects and allows network managers to carry out day to day monitoring and control activities as well as plan network expansion.

Inspire Networks provides two complementary solutions for backhaul in response to our customers requirements:
To be simple we provide:
1. Point to point connectivity
2. Point to multi point connectivity
3. Indoor Wi-Fi Solutions